Hobart’s Funnies: World War 2 Specialist Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Allied “Secret Weapons”

The Allies used them for the first time during the landings in Normandy: the Duplex Drive Tanks. Duplex drives weren’t traditional armoured fighting vehicles. This particular kind of tank was a Sherman tank, tweaked to float on water thanks to a canvas flotation screen around the vehicle. Thanks to two propellers the tank engine wasContinue reading “Hobart’s Funnies: World War 2 Specialist Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Allied “Secret Weapons””

Jeff Bezos and the History of Amazon

Nowadays, Amazon is nearly everywhere. If you haven’t ordered a product through their services, you certainly have heard of them. The corporation is steadily in the top three of corporations with the highest market capitalisation since 2018, and since 2017 its owner, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world. Bezos established Amazon inContinue reading “Jeff Bezos and the History of Amazon”

The First Tanks in History

Have you ever heard of Gunther Adolf Burstyn? Probably not. He isn’t that well known, but this Austrian inventor, technician and officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, was quite the pioneer when it came to tanks. Basically, in 1911 he finished the design of his first battle-ready tank. He named it a motorgeschütz, which translates toContinue reading “The First Tanks in History”

History of Barbed Wire

During the twentieth century, barbed wire became the symbol of war, death, destruction and human suffering. We all know the imagery from the First World War, the no-mans-land littered with barbed wire and bodies hanging in it. But it didn’t just remain in the First World War, after all, barbed wire is insanely effective andContinue reading “History of Barbed Wire”