The Mysterious Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was the first woman that successfully completed an intercontinental solo-flight. She established many speed- and distance records and the world still sees her as a pioneer in aviation. She disappeared during a flight over the Pacific Ocean. Official investigations concluded she died in a plane crash over the ocean, a simple crash-and-sink. Yet,Continue reading “The Mysterious Disappearance of Amelia Earhart”

Jeff Bezos and the History of Amazon

Nowadays, Amazon is nearly everywhere. If you haven’t ordered a product through their services, you certainly have heard of them. The corporation is steadily in the top three of corporations with the highest market capitalisation since 2018, and since 2017 its owner, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world. Bezos established Amazon inContinue reading “Jeff Bezos and the History of Amazon”

The Wow! Signal of 1977

During the 1950s over in Ohio, Professor of Electrical engineering and astronomy, Dr John D. Kraus, designed the Big Ear Radio Telescope. It was a prototype that cost 23000 dollars and preceded the building of the Big Ear Radio Observatory. Although the telescope was seated on the roofs of two university buildings, Kraus was eventuallyContinue reading “The Wow! Signal of 1977”

The 1914 Christmas Truce of World War 1

It’s quite the understatement to say that life on the Western Front during the winter of 1914 was unpleasant. Both the British, French and Germans, by this point, dug in their trenches, rendering the war more or less a stalemate. From the north sea coast all the way to the Swiss border, there were giganticContinue reading “The 1914 Christmas Truce of World War 1”

“Pappy” Boyington’s Black Sheep Squadron and the Pacific Theatre

The 1976 American TV-series Baa Baa Black Sheep was a military drama, sprinkled with bits of comedy. The series is loosely based on Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, an American combat pilot who was a U.S. Marine Corps fighter ace, and his squadron, during the Second World War. In late summer 1942, Boyington took over command overContinue reading ““Pappy” Boyington’s Black Sheep Squadron and the Pacific Theatre”

The Battle of Bir Hakeim

Bir Hakeim is an oasis in north-east Libya. During the Second World War, the eponymous fortress served as one of the most important strongholds of the Free French Army against General Erwin Rommel’s Panzerarmee Afrika. In May 1942 around 3700 soldiers of the 1st Free French Brigade faced over ten times the amount of GermanContinue reading “The Battle of Bir Hakeim”

Stalingrad of the East: the Japanese Siege of Kohima

One of Japan’s last offensives during the Second World War was Operation U-Go. In March 1944, over 80.000 Japanese soldiers under the extremely aggressive general Renya Mutaguchi crossed the border with India. It really says something when you’re considered to be extremely aggressive as a Japanese general during the Second World War, to be fair.Continue reading “Stalingrad of the East: the Japanese Siege of Kohima”

The Prussian Scam Artist that Robbed an entire Town

Prussia during the 19th century was an anomaly in the European theatre. By the early 20th century Prussia had managed to unify Germany in the German Empire, with its Kaiser, Wilhelm II at its head. Ingrained in Prussia’s culture was undisguised militarism, including the collective urge to obey army officers. Prussia’s militarism and its population’sContinue reading “The Prussian Scam Artist that Robbed an entire Town”

The Only (Secret) Recording with Hitler’s Normal Voice

During his lifetime, but also in studies afterwards, Hitler has been revered for his ability to enchant crowds with his voice. The dictator realised, more than anyone at the time, the power of a well-staged speech, both to excite and intimidate.  Because over 500 speeches, of which audio- and video footage has been preserved, weContinue reading “The Only (Secret) Recording with Hitler’s Normal Voice”

The First Tanks in History

Have you ever heard of Gunther Adolf Burstyn? Probably not. He isn’t that well known, but this Austrian inventor, technician and officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, was quite the pioneer when it came to tanks. Basically, in 1911 he finished the design of his first battle-ready tank. He named it a motorgeschütz, which translates toContinue reading “The First Tanks in History”