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My name is Oscar and I run the Youtube-channel House of History. It is the nexus of my passions: history and politics. Fascinating historical events, periods and people are covered on here.

This website features the articles that I write in order to present my videos.

It could be anything: an in-depth documentary about the complete history of Prussia, several videos chronicling the last decades of China’s Qing dynasty or a video about a lesser-known secret mission carried out under incredibly dangerous circumstances during the Second World War. History, the real thing, tends to be more amazing than a great film or terrific novel.

My objective is to create documentaries about history and all its bright and dark secrets. The goal is for my videos to be engaging and enjoyable for anyone, young and old, layman and expert.

As a perk to those that support me through Patreon, you will receive an additional monthly video as part of an exclusive Patreon series. Your support truly does keep this project going, and since YouTube has been my full-time job since the COVID-pandemic, your support allows me to pursue this confidently.

As of writing this, I have uploaded over 110 videos over the past two years. It has been amazing to work on this channel, and I would love to continue doing so. Unfortunately, many of my videos, especially the better performing videos, run limited-to-no advertisements.

What I’d like to do most is create in-depth documentaries such as the End of Empire: Collapse of the Qing Dynasty (2+ hours of footage, 74 pages of script). This requires not just books, but hundreds of hours of research, recording and editing.

If you enjoy my documentaries and would like to contribute to their development, consider pledging as little as 1$.

Everything generated through Patreon will support the channel. The support on Patreon funded the many books I bought to research my videos, and I even was able to upgrade my microphone thanks to my generous patrons.

Your support allows me to keep dedicating time to these documentaries. I want to keep working on this channel because it is important to me. 

Thank you for considering to support my work!


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